Youth Infrastructure Coalition 2018 Update

Published by: Jennifer Hetzel | Published on: 11 Jan, 2019
Youth Infrastructure Coalition 2018 Update

The A Youth Infrastructure Coalition (YIC) strives to bring awareness to infrastructure projects that if completed, will make the surrounding communities stronger in a multitude of ways. One of these projects is the expansion of Interstate 14. YIC has been busy at work on this goal in 2018.
At the local level, we have passed 15 Resolutions of support at local governments including almost all of the largest communities in Georgia and Alabama. These include: Phenix City, Alabama; Russell County, Alabama; Columbus-Muscogee County, Georgia; Macon-Bibb County, Georgia; and Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia.
In the two states, we have received word from our state representatives and senators that votes will be held for a resolution of support at the state level. In February, the Georgia General Assembly will vote on an I-14 Resolution followed by the Alabama General Assembly.
Nationally, we encouraged Rep. Drew Ferguson (GA-3) to join the Congressional Interstate 14 Caucus. Additionally, meetings were held with Sen. David Perdue (GA) and Sen. Johnny Isakson (GA). More meetings with federally elected officials will take place in the upcoming year.
As far as spreading the word about Interstate 14, the “My14” Video was a huge success. The I-14 movement has received national attention with features on Fox News and in US and World Report, among the many media sources interested in our project.
Another step we are taking to keep the momentum going is engaging members of the community through our petition of support for I-14. To obtain more signatures, later this year tabling will begin at college campuses around Georgia and Alabama where information and promotional items will be given out to spread the word.
There is great excitement for the project in our communities in Georgia and Alabama. In fact, many of our newly elected officials ran on the platform to make I-14 a reality. 2019 will be a spectacular year for Interstate 14.
To keep up to date with our progress here on the east end, follow our social media. Also, feel free to email us with questions or concerns. We are all in this together. I look forward to being able to one day drive from my hometown of Columbus strait to Killeen. Together, we will make I-14 a reality!
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