Leadership Killeen Class of 2023-2024



Ryan Brown
Data Analyst
First National Bank Texas

"In my career as a banker, my greatest achievement was being promoted to Data Analyst. I have always had of goal of helping as many people as I can and I did just that as a Financial Service Representative, helping on the front line. Now I have the ability to help create programs in the bank that can affect many customers and communities."


Student Vice President
Ellison High School Student Council

"I would like to create a recreational connectivity outreach center for the youth or work towards setting that foundation." 


Student Leader

"I am top 10 percent in my class and on the Honor Roll all throughout high school, I hope to get experience in Networking and talking to people. What I would like to contribute as a leader is to better the community and be positive."


Student Leader

"My most significant achievement to date has been becoming the Texas DECA District 5 Vice-President of Outreach. Leading 38 schools and 3000 members and being elected from a competitive field of 28 candidates was a testament to my leadership skills and the trust of my peers. This experience has been a cornerstone of my personal and career development." 




Jessica Fuson
Program Specialist
Workforce Solutions of Central Texas

"I would like to contribute to the community in a manner that is most helpful to the community. I hope to gain a better understanding of the city of Killeen and what services are available. I would like to make connections that will benefit the customers I serve that have needs beyond what the Workforce is able to assist with."

Carmen Garcia
VP Customer Experience
First National Bank Texas

"What I hope to gain from participating in Leadership Killeen is a better understanding of our local community. As well as gain a different perspective on my leadership skills."

Francisco Gonzalez
Multimedia Supervisor
City of Killeen

"I hope my contribution to the community as a leader is to share my passion and experience with creative marketing to help those who need to be highlighted and have their story told."

Coby Hauser
Director of Physician Services
Seton Medical Center/Wellstone Health Partners

"Being new to Killeen/Harker Heights, I would love to learn more about the area, and the business environment with the struggles and opportunities. I would love to network with other leaders in the area."

Theressa Haymond
Owner/Property Manager
Home Sweet Home Rentals

"As a leader in the community, I'd like to help provide quality, affordable, handicap and energy-efficient housing for the elderly and people with disabilities in Bell County."

Charlotte Heinze
CTE Program Advisor
KISD Career Center


"I'd like to contribute to educating our community and building relationships. By participating in Leadership Killeen I hope to get our students involved in promoting and volunteering in their community. Networking and making community connections."

Matthew Hernandez
Sr. Vice President
First Texas Bank

"I would like to become a mentor and show members of the community that you can still achieve a leadership role without having a college degree."

Jessica Jones
VP, Consumer Products Manager
First National Bank Texas

"I started my career at First National Bank Texas when I was just 18 years old as an Administrative Assistant in the Marketing Department. Over the past 17 years, I have held various positions within Marketing before becoming a Vice President in our Product Development Department. I have balanced a hectic career with being a proud mother and wife and I have no plans of slowing down."

Kate Kizito
Downtown Revitalization Director
City of Killeen


"When this class is over look forward to contributing to the community as a leader with increased civic engagement, and I hope to gain from participating in Leadership Killeen is to have better connections with leaders across the city."

Evonne Martinez Jones

Consumer Access Manager
Advent Health Central TX

"My career achievements as of today would have to be how my team speaks of me when I am not around. I hope to gain a shaper skill set to help my team be successful."

Khaled Matahen

Taco Casa

"I would like to contribute to the community as a leader by helping people who are in need and hope to achieve that by having more connections and learning from others."

Wesley Matthews

Asset Liability Management Assistant
First National Bank Texas


"I would like to bring strong ethics to my community through my work and personal life. I hope to get to know the community we serve."

Tiffanie McNair

Executive Director, Community Development
City of Killeen

"I consider my greatest personal or career achievement to be assisting thousands of low to moderate-income to obtain or stabilize their housing. I have worked on projects that have housed individuals, families, and seniors. Access to housing is arguably the most important aspect of community stabilization and quality of life and I am grateful for the role that I play in making it available to those who need it most."


Erick Rodriguez

Community Relations Specialist
Fort Cavazos

"I hope to gain a working knowledge of how the city/community operates on a daily basis and how it projects moving forward into the future. I also hope to network with many future leaders within the community to boost the relationship between Fort Cavazos and the surrounding communities."

Mary Sagad

Maintenance Coordinator
Linnemann Realty

"I hope to learn how to become a good leader and improve my social skills. As a leader in the community, I want to help other people in need."

Kelly Snook

Executive Director, Parks and Recreation
City of Killeen

"What I hope to gain from participating in Leadership Killeen is seeking out more community connections, and I want to contribute more community engagement."

Kendrick Spells

Branch Manager
Extraco Bank

"I am eager to gain a wealth of knowledge in leadership, and more ways to be involved in my local community, and as a leader I want to contribute financial literacy education in the community."

Brenda Thompson

Internal Auditor
Central Texas College

"I look forward to learning about the leadership of the Killeen area, meeting lifelong colleagues for collaboration, and growing as a leader in this area."


Yesenia Westbrook

Branch Manager

"I hope to gain leadership involvement with the community, and a career achievement I'm proud of is managing multiple branches."

Teknika William

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce

"I hope to build on my team building, and creativity at the workplace. My best achievements at work is doing my job to the best of my ability and getting along with my coworkers."


Sharon Winslow

Administrative Associate IV
Texas A&M University-Central Texas

"I hope to have a better understanding and knowledge within the City of Killeen, and to be mentored by leaders in the organization."

Jessica Wold

Director, Accounting & Finance
AdventHealth Central TX

"One of my greatest achievements is moving across the country on my own to pursue a professional fellowship/residency with AdventHealth and obtaining higher education and CPA licensure."


Chiquata Wright-Jones

HR Coordinator
Killeen ISD

"My greatest career achievement is obtaining 2 master's degrees while being a fulltime employee and mother. By doing so, I have been afforded many opportunities."

Mark Price

Lead Volunteer


Mark Price is a pastor with over 36 years of leadership experience. Whether leading a church, starting a new business, or improving your skills in your chosen profession, adhering to time-proven leadership principles is key in becoming a leader others want to follow.
Leadership is influence. Mark believes developing strong relationships within the community is the foundation for everything successful in your personal and professional life. Great leaders learn from other great leaders.