Focus Areas


Business Development


To Provide Advice & Counseling Services to Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, & Those Desiring to Establish a Small Business.
The BRC provides free or low-cost services and programs to anyone seeking them such as:

  • How to write a Business Plan – The BRC staff will give you guidance on what to include and how to create a successful Business Plan.
  • "Have you thought about…" The BRC staff will help by reviewing your business concept with you to make sure there aren’t any red flags that you haven’t considered before you get started. The best way to help make you a successful business owner is to review what might go wrong later as early as possible.
  • You are ready to sell your business, what happens next – The BRC can review potential options with you for your next step.
  • Partnering with the Fort Hood Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program to provide business workshops to transitioning soldiers & spouses who are interested in starting a business.

Community Development

Place Design is the planning and management of a community’s public goods for the purpose of economic development. Public goods are assets that are available to everyone in a community, and the use of a public good by one person does not reduce or exclude its availability to another. Examples of public goods are roads, parks, firework displays, and police protection.

Place Design creates economic prosperity when people and businesses are attracted to public assets. Entrepreneurs find inspiration in communities with a strong sense of place. Consumers like to spend time in communities and at businesses with unique character. When given a choice, people choose to live in communities that appeal to them. Employers and investors move to these communities because smart people are doing innovative things in communities where they are inspired.

The concept of Place is easy to understand when one reflects on places like Venice, Paris or San Francisco. We have a visceral sense of the public character of these places. It doesn’t need to be explained. Place Design, however, is about more than exciting downtowns and green space. Place Design involves any public good that is more attractive to people, that causes them to live, invest and spend time in a community. In this light, internet speed is a Place Design tool.


Economic Development

The Killeen Chamber has always provided services to businesses important to economic development. Thriving businesses that create jobs to partnering in developing a city that provides a Quality of Place to ensuring Fort Hood remains a sustainable installation are just a few examples of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce's influence on a community "Where Freedom Grows."


Councils are an opportunity for investors to have more direct participation with the Chamber and its Plan of Work. Each council operates a little differently, but the goal is the same: to provide investors in the Chamber opportunities to engage with issues and shape programs.  


Young Professionals Councils

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    Young Professionals


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