Economic Vitality Through History

Published by: Deirdre Kirk | Published on: 25 Jul, 2019
Economic Vitality Through History

Historic downtown of Killeen houses a history that stretches back 137 years ago to 1882 when the Santa Fe Railroad company decided to build track through the area. In 1942 Fort Hood established itself, taking the 780 residents to a population of 1,300 with incoming soldiers. The original residents of Killeen were made to display their strong resiliency during this intense change. With the same characteristic likeness, the historic buildings have shown similar resiliency through harsh weather, fires, everchanging inhabitants, and neglect. Today, many portions of historic downtown buildings still exhibit original architectural features that we vigilantly work to protect. The buildings of this unique area present a reminder of a different way of life and a connection to Killeen’s history.

Killeen’s downtown, like most downtowns, offers a unique array of entrepreneur businesses meant to expand and develop the City’s economic vitality. We can also observe the cultural diversity that reflects Killeen’s history through our historic downtown businesses. These valuable assets of our historic downtown prove to hold great importance in the success of our City.

The City of Killeen has made an effort to support the growth of its Historic Downtown through several incentives to business investors. These include sign grants, façade improvement grants, and North Killeen Revitalization incentives, all of which can be viewed in detail at

Currently, all sign grant funding and most façade improvement grant funding has been utilized for this year to enhance businesses in our Historic Downtown. These grants are available yearly to businesses downtown on a first come first serve basis. We value the economic significance that our downtown area provides to the community and strive to succeed at our duel efforts of supporting Killeen’s unique entrepreneur downtown businesses and the preservation of these historic downtown buildings.

New and incoming businesses to downtown include:

  • Kay’s Candy Shop at 309 N. 8th Street
  • Tyku Bistro at 224 E. Avenue D
  • Strayer University at 218 E. Avenue D
  • Let’s Eat Texas- Eatery and Cooking School at 207 E. Avenue D