Published by: Jennifer Hetzel | Published on: 16 Jun, 2020

Killeen Chamber member Centex Technologies announced that it has been awarded a subcontract by Deloitte, in support of their effort to provide the Department of the Army with a cyberspace analytics capability.

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 15 Jun, 2020

Should business owners share their personal opinions in public spaces? Are there times where the need for speaking up outweighs business caution? Is it possible that speaking up on a topic you feel passionately about will cost you customers?

Published by: Abdul Subhani | Published on: 09 Jun, 2020

Cyberattacks are not going to fade away anytime soon. Organizations and individuals are equally threatened due to the widespread target base and attack vectors. While making use of various applications on the internet, the end user is primarily guarded against cyberattacks by a password. 2-factor authentication is not yet a common feature on the internet as it is limited to financial websites mostly.

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 01 Jun, 2020

As things begin to open up, it's essential that you understand the personalities you're dealing with and how best to market to them.

Published by: Brian O'Connor | Published on: 19 May, 2020

It is undeniable that COVID 19 will forever change the way the world conducts business. Although, I find it hard to believe that gone are the days of water cooler gossip and being called on the carpet. After all, people are inherently...

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 11 May, 2020

If you have a website for your business, you may have an untapped treasure chest at your disposal. Even if you don't make large amounts of money on your website, you can be bringing in something.

Published by: Jennifer Hetzel | Published on: 06 May, 2020

Centex Technologies is excited to announce that it will be partnering with Texas A&M University – Central Texas to conduct digital forensics research. Starting July 1, 2020, Centex will have a new digital forensics lab located in the Founder’s Hall B

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 04 May, 2020

If you create a course you can bring in money even when you're not actively performing the service in which you get paid for. Technology being what it is, courses are easier than ever to create but expectations are higher as well.

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 21 Apr, 2020

During the pandemic, the most effective content has changed a little. Here's what you need to know in order to create ads that drive sales while most businesses are shut down.

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 13 Apr, 2020

The marketing channels that are most effective for you now might not have worked a few weeks ago and vice versa.