A Shiny New Website – and It’s Thriving!

Published by: Rebekah Moon | Published on: 01 Feb, 2018
A Shiny New Website – and It’s Thriving!

Written by: Rebekah Moon -  Vice President of Investor Services, Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce
Published in the Greater Killeen Business Quarterly 2017 Annual Report & Economic Outlook Guide

Having an online presence is a must for any business in today’s fast- paced, information-now world. At the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, we recognize the need to stay at the forefront of this technology lifeline with a desire to focus not only on what we do, but also showcasing what our business investors have to offer. We recently launched our newly designed website, and while we like the way it looks, we love the way it is performing and the multitude of ways our investors will benefit from this endeavor.

Website Advertisements

First glance at the new KilleenChamber. com offers our investors a great opportunity to promote their products and services, upcoming events, and specials they need to share with the public. Rotating ads glide seamlessly across the screen with pleasing images sure to catch the viewer’s eye. With these ads comes some advanced marketing strategies to help each advertiser specifically. Every ad is clickable, which is where all the good stuff happens.

Once an ad is clicked by a viewer, investors have the option to have a page on our website dedicated specifically to their promotion.  This gives more room to outline the details of the offer and give great descriptions, pictures, links, etc. If an investor does not opt for an additional page, then their ad becomes linkable directly to a webpage of their choosing, whether on the homepage of their website, or another page specific to a promotion. This gives our advertising investors freedom. Freedom to make changes easily to any campaign. Freedom to reach new customers who trust the Killeen Chamber. Freedom to see direct results for their advertising dollars.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

One of the ways we are confident that we are reaching new audiences and drawing information from our investors to the right eyes is through our customized use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through very targeted efforts, we have designed our new website to be the destination for information about the Greater Killeen area. When someone types “Places to eat in Killeen” or “Things to do in Killeen” in their web browser, we want to be the first option they see.
Why? We value our members and our community. We want to see Killeen thrive. We do that by pointing people to great places to Dine, Explore and Stay when they come to Killeen and Fort Hood, and our Investors are at the top of that list. We also know that by driving traffic to our site, we will give our members more exposure. A website that allows us to serve the needs of the community and our members is a win-win for everyone.

Already we have seen a significant increase in traffic to our new website and that is not even the best part. People are coming to the new site and staying for a while. On average, visitors to the new KilleenChamber.com stay on our site for more than 4 minutes. That means they are looking around and finding new places to try, new things to do and new ways to love Killeen!

Directory Listings

One of the most frequently visited pages on our website is our directory, and we have made several upgrades to it as well. Directory listings have the ability to feature our members in a way that makes them easy to find by featuring large logos, descriptions of the company, links to the website and social media platforms, plus newly added amenities that enhance the directory appearance significantly.
Amenities give our investors a chance to show at a glance all the “extras” their business offers. For example, restaurants can now tell viewers if they have a playground for kids, if they cater, or if they deliver. Hotels love showing that they have business centers, fitness areas and if they are pet friendly. These amenities are searchable from the website, so if a viewer is looking for all investors with the Killeen Chamber who have a swimming pool or are service animal friendly, that is very easily found. We are constantly adding amenities that are valuable to our members and make this directory indispensable to our viewers.

Sponsored Articles

Many companies work in the world of data, and having a good platform to share information with the public is very necessary.  This might include industry changes that affect consumers, best practices, or informational/how-to articles. It could also include changes in information technology, public education, state legislation, and many others with far-reaching effects that need to be broadcast. For this reason, we developed a section on our home page for Sponsored Articles. These articles are displayed for a month on the home page and feature the article to be shared as well as the clickable logo of the company sponsoring the article and the author. After a month, they are archived in our Sponsored Articles page so viewers will always be able to access the information and the company who shared it.


The new Media tab on KilleenChamber. com is filled with offerings designed to be beneficial to our investors. A ‘Blog’ keeps information flowing, ‘Newsletters’ are archived so members will always be able to find the most current information available, all of our latest ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’ are easily accessed here, and there is even a section called ‘Hot Off The Press’ with articles from outside news sources featuring the Greater Killeen Chamber, so our investors can easily see how the Killeen Chamber is involved with helping to shape and develop our community.

Also under the Media section of our new website is a new addition called ‘Community Insight.’ Chambers of Commerce are often a store-house of information and we wanted to make sure that we  can offer as much of that material as possible to the public. This section is devoted to articles and information about happenings, trends and other resources and can be thought of as a chamber encyclopedia of sorts. Now it is easy to find information on Public Policy, Military Relations, Economic Development, and the list is constantly growing.

There are many more options the new KilleenChamber.com offers, so feel free to take a look for yourself and possibly find a new dive, new adventure, or new experience you would love to try. If your business would like to take advantage of some of these amazing benefits, give us a call at 254.526.9551. It would be our pleasure to talk to you!