3 Social Media Trends You Need to Know Now

Published by: Rachael Schuck | Published on: 19 Oct, 2017
3 Social Media Trends You Need to Know Now

Written by Rachael Schuck, Community Relations Director, Grace Christian Center

It seems like a new trend, tool, or feature pops up in the world of social media daily. Trying to keep up can be exhausting, not to mention time-consuming. To save you frustration and time, here are 3 social media trends you will want to invest your time and energy on.

Social Messaging

A little-known fact about social media is that more people use social messaging apps than their social network counterparts. Seventy-five percent of Millennials prefer messaging to voice communication. The beauty of interacting with your customers via social messaging is that it feels more personal to your customer. Since social media is all about engagement with your community, this is a fantastic tool to do just that.
All the major social networks are taking steps to make it easier for your business to connect with customers through messaging. You can now run ads on Facebook that will automatically take leads who click the ad into a Facebook Messenger chat box. Google My Business has released a new feature that allows you to chat directly with customers who find your business listing on Google search. The rise of Chat Bots makes using messaging for Customer Service easier than ever.


If you are not already doing video on your social platforms, then adding video to your social media strategy is priority number one. The American Marketing Association predicts that by 2019 video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US. YouTube has been the second largest search engine in the world for the past few years and it is completely video based. The people have spoken and what they have said is that video is king when it comes to content.
When people watch a video they are 30 – 50% more likely to remember the video/brand. Video also outperforms on every social media measuring metric, making it the most effective type of content to post. Adding video to your social media strategy doesn’t have to be expensive either. With the emergence of live video and a smartphone, you can start making videos for practically nothing.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are not new, but the ability to link them to a Facebook page is, and it makes groups much more powerful. Facebook is looking for ways to foster community even more in the future, which means Facebook groups will continue to see improvements. The reason Facebook groups are a great resource for your business is that when someone chooses to be a part of a group they see all the notifications from the group until they choose to turn off notifications for that group, which people rarely do. This means your content has a higher chance of reaching all of your audience when shared with a group than it does when shared with your Facebook page.
Facebook groups are also a great way to foster brand loyalty, gather potential leads, and become an influencer in your industry. Plus, when you start a group on a topic, people naturally begin to view you as an expert on the topic. Over time you will find that your group will be a great source of engagement and new leads.

Though there are many more trends in social media (and more will surely develop in the coming weeks), these 3 trends are a safe bet for increasing the effectiveness of your business’ social media!