15 Questions to Ask Your Chamber to Help You Grow Your Business

Published by: Caity Underwood | Published on: 15 May, 2018
15 Questions to Ask Your Chamber to Help You Grow Your Business

Often businesses aren't sure how to best use their Chamber memberships. They understand that Chambers are an advocate for business, but how do they work, and what specifically can they help with?

You might just be surprised.

Here are 15 questions you can ask your Chamber staff to help improve and grow your business:

  1. Do you have a Leadership Program? Our Chamber has a Leadership Program that can help you form beneficial business connections and introduce you to state and local officials. These programs teach leadership skills and create an environment conducive for community outreach.
  2. Do you have a Mentoring Program? Are you a graduating Senior in college? The Mentoring Program can provide much needed guidance on your very specific career aspirations.  A mentor can help connect you with the community and lead you to better understand your industry.  Another facet of mentoring the Chamber offers exists through the Welcome Council. Local veteran business professionals are able to build relationships with and provide guidance for newly established members of the Chamber.
  3. What assistance can you give me in learning about social media? There's a lot to keep up on when it comes to social media best practices. Our Chamber offers Lunch and Learn sessions with the Greater Killen Young Professionals and other learning opportunities through Networking and Professional Development workshops to equip businesses with the basics they need to be successful. Check in at the Chamber website about these opportunities and other Chamber events
  4. Have you seen my business challenge before?  It may be uncomfortable telling Chamber staff your biggest fear facing your business, but it's worth it. The Business Resource Center (a facet of the Chamber) provides business counseling free of charge. The staff has been around for a while, and there's a good chance they've seen your struggle before. They can likely give you a suggestion and connect you with a resource that could help.  
  5. What networking activities do you host?  Even in the virtual world, people do business with others they know, like, and trust. Networking can help you start to establish these vital pieces to getting more sales. Check with the Chamber to learn about great networking opportunities such as Third Thursday Mixers, Chamber Networking & News, and Flash Networking.  
  6. How can I get more involved?  Building off the above suggestion of establishing know, like and trust, being associated with the premier business organization in your community is a good thing. Getting involved will help you become more than just a face at a networking function. Another worthwhile program is the Greater Killeen Young Professionals. You do not have to be a Chamber member to join GKYP and take advantage of the networking opportunities and fun social interactions GKYP hosts!
  7. Do you have a committee or council I can get involved in?  The Chamber has a multitude of committees and councils from the Military Relations Council to the Welcome Council for you to participate in. Reach out to the staff to find out more, or get some basic information here.
  8. Do you have an online directory?  An online directory can ensure your name gets in front of people looking for your services. The Chamber is happy to provide your listing complete with a link to your business website as a part of your membership.
  9. Can you explain the referral process?  Chambers are always asked for referrals. The Chamber provides referrals in person, over the phone, through the directory, and via email. Referrals are recorded to your business profile, and that information can be provided to you by request. Simply provide your most up-to-date marketing materials so staff can answer potential customer questions such as your operating hours, and the staff will do their best to direct customers with the correct information.
  10. What advertising opportunities do you have in my budget?  Even if you have a very small advertising budget, the Chamber may have a program for you. For example, with your membership you will have free services such as once per month free posting through our social media sites and the member-to-member online coupon feature. Keep in mind that data services and website ads are available through the Chamber to help your business reach your advertising goals!
  11. Am I in the right membership tier?  The Chamber has tiered investor pricing. It's important you sit down with the Membership Account Representative periodically in order to make sure you're in the membership tier that is most effective for your business and what you want to accomplish. By checking in, you can make sure you are utilizing all of the benefits of your membership to include social media ads and networking opportunities. This can save you money and time from seeking those services on your own. When you map out your business goals for the year, it's important you communicate with your chamber to see if a new tier might fit your goals better.
  12. What activities can I invite my employees to?  Most business owners don't realize that Chamber benefits extend to their employees. These benefits can be very valuable in the eyes of your team. For instance, you can offer professional development and learning opportunities through the Chamber as perks of employment.
  13. Can I produce content for you on a topic I know a lot about?  Chambers need content just like your business does. Feel free to contact the staff and ask them about what their needs are. If you have knowledge that could benefit other business owners, they may just be looking for your expertise.
  14. Can I speak at one of your events?  Just like the content requirements above, the Chamber may need knowledgeable professionals to speak in a wide variety of events. But remember to go into any sort of opportunity like this as a resource for others, not someone pushing their business.
  15. What can I do for you?  People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Asking the Chamber how you can be of assistance may open doors to you and expose opportunities that you hadn't thought of. Chambers represent and advocate for all businesses in the community, but you never know what they may need help with. Being at the right place at the right time can be very advantageous to you personally and to your business.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff! Further information on benefits of your Chamber membership is available on our website http://www.KilleenChamber.com.